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I've always consider myself to be a George kind of guy and in this particular excerpt from 'The Abstinence' episode I find myself connecting with him on a whole new level.

No, no, no. Just lately I've been thinking a lot
clearer.  Like this afternoon, (to Jeopardy on TV) 
What is Chicken Kiev,(to Jerry) I really enjoyed
watching a documentary with Louise.  

Louise! That's what doing it. Your no longer
pre-occupied with sex, so your mind is able to focus.  

You think?

Jerry's conclusion doesn't just nail it on the head (no pun intended) with why George has suddenly blossomed, he nails it on the head for every red blooded adult male.  Basically, Sex stunts our focus ... it stops it dead cold. 

I in particular suffer from loosing focus from time to time and by having a 'moment' to look forward to, on a predetermined night helps me focus like a laser beam all week.  Sunday is set in stone, so there's no need to negotiate.  Which provides me a goal to strive towards - like a dog being rewarded with a bone (pun intended). 

So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to give a special shoutout (especially since it's International Women's Day) to all the ladies that keep it to a tidy once, with a chance of two, a week.  Louise even if it was mononucleosis the world economies still thank you.