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As you many of you may already know I've been busily writing a short film entitled 'RASH'.  Curious?  See below:

It's April 1st, 1997 and Zeg Robertson is the undefeated champion in the sport of competitive drinking.

He's a man of the people, an idol to all drinkers. Unbeknown to them, he's been cheating, or 'cathing' as it's referred, for the past five years. Zeg and his lie have grown to the point where they need each other to survive - the people depend on him, and he depends on the lie.

During the final match of the year, Zeg's conscience is finally getting the better of him. To continue the lie and suffer the heavy burden or reveal the truth and shatter the people's hope, that is the question.

And all this happens with adult men ... in diapers.

About a month back I finally earmarked the project as finished and started entering the script into a variety of writing festivals on FilmFreeway.  As it turns out entering festivals on this site is very addicting ... like CRACK COCAINE addicting!

Enter: Sunday Shorts Film Festival

A small, personal festival with the most engaging avatar I've ever seen.  Is the tall Amazonian prostitute giving the small elf-like prostitute chewing gum cause her breath is bad from having to do too much you know?  Or is she just being friendly and helping her out with a light for her ciggy?

Something spoke to me, so I entered.   

Well, ladies, gentlemen and prostitutes it seems this addiction has steered me away from a dark, ominous path and lead me straight to the path of being a WINNER!  

Take that addiction.
— Moi

Image courtesy of whoever I 'borrowed' it from, design courtesy of me.

Image courtesy of whoever I 'borrowed' it from, design courtesy of me.

That little dual laurel looking image isn't a mirage.  It's the real deal.  

Sidebar: FilmFreeway actually has a laurel creator.  Dangerous.

Officially this makes 'RASH' an award-winning screenplay - which makes me an award winning screenwriter.  My stock is on the rise ... watch out.  Jokes aside, big thanks to the Sunday Shorts Film Festival and the team behind such a unique homegrown offering.  I'm honoured and excited to be part of it all. 

What's next?  

Well, there's a couple more festivals in the mix [Daddy's trying to save up some cash to make this bad boy], I'm hunting for a cracking producer to help make me bring 'RASH' to life [hit me up if you're keen] and I'm working on a TV Series.  

There's no rest for the wicked or maybe I'm just not working.  Who knows.



So ... a spot I directed for Tourism Queensland won a Bronze and a Gold at the 2013 BADC Awards over the weekend. Big ups to the guys/gals at Publicis Mojo Brisbane, The Post Lounge and Two Little Indians.  You can enjoy the spot here: