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Top 20.

A group of us have formed a bit of a collective.  We've affectionately called it 'CHUBBY' ... it's meant to mean that we're fat with ideas rather than a morning stiffy - I'll explain more once we figure it all out.

Anyway, I posed the 'What's you Top 20 Films?' question to the guys a few days ago.  I wasn't fishing for the classic 20 films that define cinema over the last 100 years, it was more of a get to know your film tastes Top 20.  

There was a strict NO judgement policy.  

Here's mine (in no particular order):

The Wolf of Wall Street
The Castle
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Fight Club
Step Brothers
40 Year Old Virgin
A Serious Man
Pi (Mathematical Symbol)
LA Story
Punch Drunk Love
There Will Be Blood
Back To Future I
Natural Born Killers
Spinal Tap
In A World
Lars and the Real Girl
Life Aquatic

Post your Top 20 in the comments.