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Well it's official ... everything on the internet is fake [yes I'm only just working this out now].

I just started watching Season One of 'Nathan For You' - a seriously amazing series recommendation from Riley Madincea [that ridiculous human next to Dolly in Zipcar].  It might sound overly simplified, but the show can be easily summarised as a hilarious blend of gut-wrenchingly awkward performance comedy from Nathan Fielder and slathering of reality ... I'm not sure LA is reality anywhere other than in LA, but regardless it works. 

What the show does more than anything is provide an insight into how dumb and/or gullible people really are.  You could argue that most of the concepts hinge on the fact that it's people's livelihoods at stake so they do anything to make them more successful or at least marginally better.  I sniff a waft of greed and TV cameras ... me like it.

Episode 2 is where the show went next level for me ... to be perfectly honest it was actually the poo flavoured yoghurt ice cream of episode 1, but that's a different article all together.  Back to episode 2, in which Nathan devises a plan for a small petting zoo to drum up more business ... he's giving, as he puts it, her very own 'Shamu'.  The owner obliges.

Enter a baby goat, a pig named 'Vince' and a SW500 Magnum wielding Santa and about 9,488,354 suckers.


Until the next goat in the water.