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Well, I've finally found a definitive list of the funniest comedy films of all time.  The beauty is the list is from a writer's perspective - specifically the Writer's Guild of America.  It's a pretty tough ask, but I think they done a solid job of  it.  

Have a look:

Ashamedly, there's several films I haven't seen. 

So, I have set myself the lofty mission of watching all them before the year's end - regardless if I've seen them or not. 

Here's where I'm at to date:

  1. Annie Hall

  2. Tootsie

  3. Blazing Saddles

  4. Nation Lampoon's Animal House

  5. Bridesmaids

  6. Trading Places

  7. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

As you can tell I'm a little ahead of schedule (thanks holidays) and I'm watching them in no particular order.  At the end of watching the above, as with just about every film I watch, I devour the film's IMDB page until there's no stone unturned.  Can't say I remember every detail, but it's gratifying to learn that Blazing Saddles was the first time a fart joke was used in a movie.  Who would've thunk it.  

Sadly, I have a confession.  

For the past several years I've been watching movies and TV series on a .... iPad mini ... I can just hear the hisses and screams from all the DPs. So, this list, and the fact that Grace got an new AppleTV for Christmas from her work, means I/we are going to do the done thing and purchase a TV.  I know what your about to say ... so you can spare the lecture.

What to expect ... besides me getting a TV.

Well, I'm going to do a review, breakdown or visual look-in on one film each week.  I'm not exactly sure what I'll do, but I want it to be creatively fulfilling for both you and me.  Variety and unorthodox are my guiding principals - expect the unexpected.  I figure approaching one film a week gives me the choice between the two films I need to watch in order to succeed at my mission before the year-end.  I'm aiming for a Monday evening posting ... I expect you to hold me to it.

This week I'm be watching Rushmore and The Graduate.


PS.  Any suggestions on a TV?  Sony?  Panasonic? Samsung?  Thinking 4k and nothing bigger than 40".